Last month, Flourish Furniture Bank transformed 97 empty houses into comfortable, permanent homes.  While the things we choose to put in our homes are all different, our goal is the same. We want a space where we can rest, dream, and host our friends and loved ones. We want somewhere to be ourselves and share with others. 

Half of the people who live in the homes we furnish are children. A furnished home is even more critical for children than adults. Without a bed, they can’t get a good night’s sleep to fuel their mind and body at school. Without furniture, kids can’t have their friends over for fear of judgement for not having clean clothes, a sofa, or a gaming system. Without a kitchen table, dishes, or cookware, kids don’t get to share dinner or do homework at the table with their family. This year, because of the collaborative efforts of our community, we’ve furnished homes for 871 children and their families. By furnishing homes for families soon after they move into new homes, we help parents create safe, supportive, and nurturing spaces for their children. 

We couldn’t serve the community without the incredible contributions of our volunteers, furniture donors, monetary supporters, and referring partner agencies. It is incredible to work alongside you as we bring to life a better, kinder, more connected world.