Volunteer at Flourish

The heartbeat of Flourish is our volunteer crew, coming in at nearly 120 volunteers per month. Our volunteer opportunities include sewing, woodworking, sorting, and more.


Your Time Changes Lives

Since Flourish’s beginnings in 2009, volunteers have been the magic that makes it possible to collect, repair, and distribute furniture free to guests. The special care and craftsmanship volunteers dedicate to every donated item means that guests choose from beautiful, durable, and carefully presented items when they shop.

Flourish has a wide range of volunteer opportunities from collecting furniture, to assisting guests, to processing and repairing donations. We LOVE new volunteers! No matter your skill level or interest, your service will make a big impact for our neighbors.

Volunteer Roles

Select from a variety of flexible and rewarding opportunities. New volunteers will be offered a tour and orientation prior to beginning their serve day.

Volunteers ages 12-14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Facilities Assistant
  • Move donated furniture, bags and boxes throughout the facility. Restock shelves.
  • Load and unload vehicles.
  • Accept donations.


  • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm. Other time frames available upon request. 
Shopping Assistant
  • Assist clients during their shopping trip
  • Tag furniture and pack small housewares
  • Limited lifting required


  • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm.
Donation Intake Specialist
  • Inspect and clean incoming furniture pieces


  • Flexible schedule while facility is open Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm.
Truck Drivers
  • Our  team is looking for a few folks with flexible weekday schedules to help us get donations picked up. Help us ensure that no one in Kansas City goes without basic necessities. Most shifts are only 1-4 hours and offer flexibility.
  • Please contact info@flourishfurnishings.org to learn more. No CDL required.

    Product Sorter and Packing
    • Sort, size and clean small housewares donated by home and corporate donors
    • Inspect items and stock shelves with dishes, cookware, linens, utensils, etc.
    • Pack and prepare clients selection for transportation


    • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm. 
    Electrical & Woodworking Shops
    • Perform minor repair and test small electrical appliances and lamps.
    • Perform minor repair, restoration, and construction/upcycling of donated furniture.


    • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm.
    Sewing Room
    • Light sewing
    • Repurpose linens
    • Training provided


    • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 12 pm. 

    Bring Your Team

    On-site Team Projects


    • Team Size: 5–10 (volunteers ages 12–14 must be accompanied by an adult, with a ratio of 1:5)
    • Jobs include loading trucks for our guests, sorting through donated goods, packing, woodworking, sewing, and more!
    • Specific projects will be determined on the day you volunteer based on inventory and final group size. Special team building projects are available both on and offsite.
    • Volunteers do not have to stay for the entire time frame, but are requested to be present by 8:30 am. There will be an orientation and tour for any new volunteers.


    Off-site Team Projects


    • Sponsor a donation drive: collect items such as cookware, small appliances, blankets, towels, pillows, etc.
    • Purchase and assemble kitchen essentials kits as a team.
    • Build a dresser from a kit and deliver to Flourish.
    • Host a Flourish scavenger hunt! Divide into teams and see who can collect all the items on our list of essentials first!

    How To Register

    First Time Volunteer?

    1. Click the “Sign Up to Serve” button above
    2. Click on “Volunteer Registration
    3. Fill out your contact information. If under 18, a waiver will be emailed to your guardian and they will need to confirm before you can serve.
    4. Arrive at 8:30 am to check in for the day, take a tour, and choose your assignment. Plan to stay until around 12 pm
    5. If you have any questions, please email Volunteer@FlourishFurnitureBank.org

    How To Sign Up in Advance

    1. Go to Flourish.FurnitureBank.Net  or click the “Sign Up to Serve” button above
    2. If prompted, password is All4furniture 
    3. Click on Volunteer Check In 
    4. Click on the upper right corner of the screen where you will see three lines 
    5. Click on Login 
    6. If you have not yet Registered, you can do it here 
    7. If you are already in the system, you will choose Forgotten Password on this screen (Even if you have never created one!) 
    8. Enter your email 
    9. It will email you a link with a temporary password 
    10. From the email, you can login and change your password. 

    Once you are logged in: 

    1. On the right side of the screen, choose Search Volunteer Opportunities. This will take you to a screen where you can search by day of the week, date, or position 
    2. If you choose a position, it will bring up a list of available dates 
    3. Click on Sign Up for each of the dates you would like to choose. 

      How To Cancel A Registration

      1. Follow the steps above to login 
      2. On the right side of the screen it will show your upcoming sign ups. 
      3. Click on the opportunity you would like to cancel 
      4. Select Cancel Sign Up

      How to Log Hours Remotely

      1. Go to Flourish.FurnitureBank.Net or click the “Sign Up to Serve” button above
      2. Click on Volunteer Check In
      3. Click on the upper right corner of the screen where you will see three lines
      4. Click on “Add Hours”
      5. Enter your email, select assignment from list, and enter your date/time volunteered.
      6. Click “Add” 
      7. Alternatively, the link below will take you directly to the website to enter your time. If clicking it doesn’t work, copy it and paste it into your browser. https://flourish.furniturebank.net/public/volunteer/index.php?page=add_hours  

      How to Find Us