Reoccurring Donation

Help Flourish furnish homes with hope every month! This reoccurring donation will automatically take out whatever amount you want each month to go directly to helping our community. You can cancel it at anytime.

No matter how much you donate, we are so thankful for you! Here are some of our donor levels and what they provide families for reference on your donation.

Home Sweet Home - $2250
A whole home’s worth of furnishings will make a world of difference for a family making a new start.

Good Night’s Sleep - $400
Everyone deserves a clean, nice place to sleep, including a bed frame, mattress and linens.

Speedy Delivery - $200
Our trucks are vital to what we do at Flourish, picking up donations and ensuring that our furnishings get where they need to go.

Everything in its Place - $100
Dressers are in high demand at Flourish, and help our families feel organized in their new homes.

Fresh & Clean - $50
Every family who receives furnishings from Flourish also receives bath and kitchen essential kits, with crucial items for any new home.


N every 30 days until cancelled